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ExperiencingPosted by keith Monday, November 17 2008 20:33:43
This blog can now be found at  HERE

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ExperiencingPosted by keith Thursday, July 24 2008 11:37:00

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Summer dialects - 01

ExperiencingPosted by keith Monday, July 14 2008 11:20:15


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Nikolay Oorzhak - Shaman

ExperiencingPosted by keith Thursday, July 03 2008 19:30:05

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.............................Here is a gallery of pictures from Nikolay's visit.............................

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Midsummer Moon

ExperiencingPosted by keith Saturday, June 21 2008 12:48:15

The full moon picture below was taken at about 01-10 am on Midsummer day with a clear sky (unusual in recent years, Midsummer Day has been mostly wet and cold)

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Midsummer is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT festival in Sweden and if you want to know a little more about it's tradition and celebration you can find it here:


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Red Face

ExperiencingPosted by keith Thursday, June 19 2008 09:20:03

It can still cause problems. Well, I spent the greater part of my life on the left not on the right. I met my wife essentially because I stood on the wrong side of the road for the bus.

So I go into Bog Cottage and end up with Sharp Nude, wheras I really needed to have gone T17 through the King's Garden into T19 via Big Bog to get to Clog Mountain. Of course, the King's Garden has everything so I could have gone to Raspberry Mountain, or raised my voice at Shout Stone. If I was that interested in cars (about from continually giving first aid to the Espace - worst car I've ever bought) I could turn my attention to Wheeltown or enjoy the highly pleasurable company of Mary Market or Lily Island.

But there I embarrassingly was with Sharp Nude and all because my brain was hotwired for the left not the right.

And for those who haven't a clue what I am talking about.....check this out


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Flower gallery

ExperiencingPosted by keith Friday, June 13 2008 13:25:41

smileysmileysmileysmiley a NEW gallery of Gallnas flower pictures smileysmileysmileysmiley

...................with downloadable zip file if you want copies

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Summer flowers-001

ExperiencingPosted by keith Wednesday, June 11 2008 14:34:26
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